Olive Penderghast
Emma Stone as Olive Penderghast

 Olive Penderghast is the main character of the movie Easy A. She is a 17 years old high school student who lied to her bestfriend about sleeping with a college guy and ends up the school's slut. 

 Olive is played by Emma Stone

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Olive is a nice, caring, friendly and helpful girl. She even told she had chlamydia and had sex with Marianne Bryant's boyfriend Micah to save her favorite teacher from divorcing with his cheater wife. She doesn't care what the people think and tires to intimidate them at any cost. Olive is also highly intelligent and confident.

Appearance Edit

Olive has pale skin and shoulder lenght red hair. In the beggining of the movie she was wearing plain clothes and throughout it she becomes more confident and starts wearing dramatic and sexy clothes to look like the school slut.

Relationships Edit

Rhiannon Edit

Rhiannon is Olive's bestfriend since the beggining of the movie. She is excited when Olive tells her about having sex with a college guy, but hates when she tells the whole school about having sex with even more guys and starts wearing very sexual appeal.